Really interesting point. I share this view- your beliefs are just that= yours. They do not have to be shared by everyone and because someone has a different view does not mean that you can’t get along or that they are not a true ‘Heathen’ etc. I actually feel that the various religions of the world are elements of UPG- in that ‘prophets’ have their UPG that people subscribe too and these may ultimately have been the result of Odin etc coming to them- the Allfather does love to create some tension between people after all!


Differences are ok….

I’m constantly frustrated by the ability of some to accept that people have different beliefs- I’m referring to issues within the heathen community here.

Our ancestors were tribal and went to war- against other tribes! Every Swedish tribe did not have peace with all others and only go to war on the Danes. Further more- not every tribe worshipped the same gods as we know from place names and what survives of temples etc. Some favoured Odin whilst some worshipped Tyr, Thor or Freyr.

Why then can we not accept that there are going to be tribes that are folkish, racist or liberal and that not only do we have to accept that they exist, but we must also accept that just because they worship the same pantheon as us that we do not have to get along?

If I support the same sports team as you, it doesn’t mean we can be best  friends. That’s like saying everyone in a country that votes the same should also therefore have enough in common ground to be friends. Life doesn’t work like that.

Religion and ethical beliefs are linked but are not the same. It is never fair to assume everyone of the same religion shares the same political or scio-ethical views. The pope does not represent all Christians, all Muslims are not terrorists and all Jews are not bankers. All Asatru are not warriors, racists, liberals or viking re-enactment fans.

We would do well to remember this within our groups of heathens as
it will serve us well when stressing this to the non-heathen world. A difference does not mean someone is wrong, just as we do not all have to agree on everything. Differences do not stop friendships and friendships do not mean there are not differences.

Mead jug

My in-laws purchased one of the greatest gifts I have ever received for my recent birthday…a cow horn mead jug:


A full pint of ale, mead etc can be held in this cow horn jug (with only a passing odour as to be expected when drinking from the inside of such a natural object) sourced from the online store- Jelling Dragon which can be found at : www.jelldragon.com– a retailer I have found many, many fantastic items from over the last few years. My wife also purchased me a solid silver spearhead necklace from the site- it is based on a Finnish spear design and represents my dedication to Odin. It hangs nicely below the silver Mjölnir necklace which was also purchased from the site. The hammer is of course symbolic of my beliefs to aid identification for those in the know, but also to ask Thor to protect me from harmful Etins where needed.


The horn has already been used in blöt to celebrate the Winternights and will now serve as my drinking vessel for all rituals and more.

Still, my in-laws have yet to ask me what it is for or what my beliefs are- maybe they are afraid to know?Mmmmm


Iceland’s Amazing Peaceful Revolution – Still Not in the News (backstory)

Iceland’s Amazing Peaceful Revolution – Still Not in the News (backstory).


Not a heathen/Asatru piece, but something that is very relevant. When the people of Iceland drive a peaceful change to a huge economic problem and this is ignored by the majority of the Western press- you have to ask why the press and governments throughout the world are not following this model?


I think maybe the people of Iceland represent the greatest concentration of IQ and free-thinking that the world may have seen in the last 1100 years.


Today is one of the days on the calendar for the celebration of the Winternights festival. Having taken today and tomorrow off work to celebrate- the mead is in the fridge and I’m writing this in one of my special places where I feel a link with the local wights…Bridgnorth.

Have  small feast and toast the Disir and wights to give thanks for the harvest and to ask for the Disir to watch over my family this winter.

A full ritual blot will take place at home tonight.

October…Rutting season and a journey with the fallow Deer…

Today, I took my family on a guided tour of a local country estate where there is a deer sanctuary within and around the woodland. The site is of special scientific interest and is protected, but today was the last time for 12 months we could take a tractor driven trailer tour of the sanctuary with expert guides to show us the deer and inform us about them.

Attingham Estate is a truly beautiful place and the deer are somewhat used to the tractor, but still flee people on foot- good for them. Interestingly, the estate has to cull some deer each winter and then sells the meat in the shop. I must get me some of that Venison.


And so we enter October. This has always been a special time of year for me- the autumn colours, the cooler weather, my birthday, Samhain, the anniversary of meeting my wife and Winternights just a few days after my birthday.

As my understanding of the world grows, festivals like Winternights become even more special to me. I’m probably more excited about this years than my own birthday.

I have a feeling some interesting things are going to happen this month- I’ll try to keep a post here updated with global events of interest.