Joining the Troth, the Kith of Yggdrasil and looking for others

So, after much research and dialogue with various people- I have joined some groups. The Kith of Yggdrasil is a progressive Heathen group that allows like minded people to come together. Although London based and generally out of my realistic travel times for blots etc., I decided that the group is largely aligned with my beliefs on liberal Heathenism with a modern-progressive approach as opposed to re-enactment. Supporting a group such as this is the correct thing to do and they have a number of affiliated hearths around the UK that may provide a local group of like minded people for me to meet with more regularly. The Troth (formerly Ring of Troth) is a USA based organisation founded and now steered by some of the heathen scholars and authors that I hold in the highest esteem. As a result, their Lore, Steward and Clergy programmes are extensive and well structured. Through my valuation of the works of Thorsson and Gundarsson, I will aspire to either enter the Lore or Clergy programme in a years time once I am eligible. I do not know if I can meet the requirements to give up personal time etc to function as a heathen clergy I have no idea what the demand is for their services in England and if they are busy with marriages, deaths, prison visits etc or not. The Lore programme would help along the route of learning I am aspiring to in order to further my knowledge to a point where I can assist others with their spiritual development and answer questions. I don’t plan on writing for financial gain my goal is to be able to represent the Heathen community and raise awareness of our beliefs whilst hopefully helping dispel some of the negative prejudicial assumptions that the mainstream media and public have when they see Runes, Odin and the words ‘Germanic paganism’.  Don’t get me wrong having a quarter Jew in me on my Grandmothers side, the Nazi’s were evil. The tainting of anything related to belief and worship of the Aesir & Vanir along with use of Runic symbology is an unfortunate effect of the Nazi parties capitalisation of a resurgent interest in the old gods by the German people’s at the time. Hitler is documented as stating the belief in the old gods should be distanced from their goals and forgotten there were few within the Nazi party that actually were anything other than Catholic… Again, a case of a symbol becoming associated with something and tainted by that association to the point that the public misinterpret it forever more. Still, I will continue to seek liberal-minded Heathens in my locality. I have attempted to contact the local Urd’s Well group once more but fear they may have disbanded.


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