Ragnarok? 2012 weird events could be the signs the battle has begun…

An interesting video- so much is going on with the world that is strange this year. I’m not suggesting the 2012 theory, but as I watched this my mind turned to Ragnarok:





Baldur is killed.

The Fimbulwinter- the harsh winter being seen across Europe and the rest of the world and the lack of a usual summer period.

The wars/civil uprising occurring in the Middle East.

The strange sounds being heard around the world- is Heimdall sounding the Gjallarhorn?

Unusual solar activity? -is this the rise of Surt? Did he take fire from the sun to set his sword ablaze?

Are the animal deaths aligned with the deaths of Vanir?


I don’t know, but I am ready it is is.

Asaheil og vana!



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