Changing my name? I may do…

In the last week, I have taken some big steps- committed to joining a number of non-folkish Heathen groups, began the path of education that may one day lead to me be a gothi or priest and have considered changing my legal name.

Why change my name?

Well, firstly let me clarify that I am proud of my family and heritage. My name is derived of my ancestors-  from the town of Rostherne which is an Old Norse/Saxon name meaning either red-thorn or is derived from cross-therne (holy cross) where there is an ancient mere (lake) that is the only one in the country where saltwater fish have be known to appear…with local superstition suggesting an underground stream/estuary into the sea. See more about that in my post on the town of Rostherne.

So what would I change my name to?

Well, I have a great name, but defined by hundreds of years of Christianity.

David means ‘beloved’ and the old Norse version would be ÄsruÞr.  For the surname which is a legal requirement, I would use my fathers first name- and add ‘son’. Done.

I’ve registered it. I can’t find anyone else with it. It has As as the root of the name linking it to the Gods.


One thought on “Changing my name? I may do…

  1. Update- I have decided that should I ever adopt Asruthr in any form, I will retain my family Surname. I have outline the history associated with the name previously and feel it would be dishonouring my ancestors to abandon it. It’s origins in old norse will also make it compatible with Asruthyr in the future- although my wife looked horrified when I raised it with her!

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