Runic tattoo…done

Thursday came and went…

That must mean my tattoo has been done. My own design as I have mentioned before- a Valknot, Odin, Sleipnir, Edler Futhark inscriptions personal to my Gods and Goddesses, my family and myself.

An interesting thing happened- in the middle of the runic transcription for ‘teach’, my tattoo artist somehow managed to mis-trace (my original design was clear as was the print transfer he did of it) the Ansuz rune and instead put the Wunjo rune. Yes, ‘teach’ now reads ‘tewch’, but I let it be as the fact is that in a line asking Odin to teach me, the Norns or Odin have twisted it so that the Wunjo rune for success, glory, perfection is in the middle of ‘teach’. I actually like that and feel as though it was meant to be- within learning/teaching we find glory/success/perfection. Kind of fitting.


I wonder how many ravens, runes etc I can design and have tattooed before my tattoo artist actually asks what they are about?

The wife is now planning her first tattoo- a bind rune I have created for her that I call the truthseeker.





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