Changing my name? I may do…

In the last week, I have taken some big steps- committed to joining a number of non-folkish Heathen groups, began the path of education that may one day lead to me be a gothi or priest and have considered changing my legal name.

Why change my name?

Well, firstly let me clarify that I am proud of my family and heritage. My name is derived of my ancestors-  from the town of Rostherne which is an Old Norse/Saxon name meaning either red-thorn or is derived from cross-therne (holy cross) where there is an ancient mere (lake) that is the only one in the country where saltwater fish have be known to appear…with local superstition suggesting an underground stream/estuary into the sea. See more about that in my post on the town of Rostherne.

So what would I change my name to?

Well, I have a great name, but defined by hundreds of years of Christianity.

David means ‘beloved’ and the old Norse version would be ÄsruÞr.  For the surname which is a legal requirement, I would use my fathers first name- and add ‘son’. Done.

I’ve registered it. I can’t find anyone else with it. It has As as the root of the name linking it to the Gods.


Ragnarok? 2012 weird events could be the signs the battle has begun…

An interesting video- so much is going on with the world that is strange this year. I’m not suggesting the 2012 theory, but as I watched this my mind turned to Ragnarok:



Baldur is killed.

The Fimbulwinter- the harsh winter being seen across Europe and the rest of the world and the lack of a usual summer period.

The wars/civil uprising occurring in the Middle East.

The strange sounds being heard around the world- is Heimdall sounding the Gjallarhorn?

Unusual solar activity? -is this the rise of Surt? Did he take fire from the sun to set his sword ablaze?

Are the animal deaths aligned with the deaths of Vanir?


I don’t know, but I am ready it is is.

Asaheil og vana!


Re-blogged and worth a read:The Action Plan to Stop Christian Witchcraft-Related Child Abuse

The Action Plan to Stop Christian Witchcraft-Related Child Abuse.


Good to see that people in authority are actively trying to distance these heinous crimes away from pagans. The admission that Christians are at fault for this and should not look to pagans is a big step seeing as a few years back they proposed laws to allow social carers to remove children from pagan homes as they could be at risk…



Runic tattoo…done

Thursday came and went…

That must mean my tattoo has been done. My own design as I have mentioned before- a Valknot, Odin, Sleipnir, Edler Futhark inscriptions personal to my Gods and Goddesses, my family and myself.

An interesting thing happened- in the middle of the runic transcription for ‘teach’, my tattoo artist somehow managed to mis-trace (my original design was clear as was the print transfer he did of it) the Ansuz rune and instead put the Wunjo rune. Yes, ‘teach’ now reads ‘tewch’, but I let it be as the fact is that in a line asking Odin to teach me, the Norns or Odin have twisted it so that the Wunjo rune for success, glory, perfection is in the middle of ‘teach’. I actually like that and feel as though it was meant to be- within learning/teaching we find glory/success/perfection. Kind of fitting.


I wonder how many ravens, runes etc I can design and have tattooed before my tattoo artist actually asks what they are about?

The wife is now planning her first tattoo- a bind rune I have created for her that I call the truthseeker.




A liberal, heathen, non-folkish Asatru group in England…

So, I have posted previously about my search for (as per the title of this post) a non-folkish Asatru or liberal heathen group in England. They do exist- I’ve made contact with a few and have joined a couple of groups online.

But, there is an issue…

I can find more liberal groups in Sweden than in England. I travel to Sweden frequently, but not enough to partake in a group there.

UK or England based groups that have a liberal world view are often based in or around London which makes it about as likely for me to participate face-to-face as with those groups in Sweden.

The age old issue of some members of groups not fully understanding the consequences of what they say online. I have seen some liken Odinism to Satanism- I do not accept the existence of hell and/or Satan as they are Christian constructs with hell being named as a bastardisation of Hel in order to convert Heathens by way of informing them that their afterlife holds nothing but pain and misery and driving conversion by way of the repenting Christ. After so much has been done already to alter public perceptions and educate that all Pagans are not devil worshippers as we do not believe in Satan, I find it a shame that a self-professed Heathen would publicly associate Heathenism as a form of Satanism- yes, I am aware of the reality of what Satanism actually incorporates, but the general public and media would only use this as an act against us.

Some groups are local to myself, but meetings are infrequent and/or set around the lives of the core members making attendance difficult for myself.

Local Pagan/Heathen groups are often very Wiccan derived and although open to all pagan faiths, the insistence on a triple moon symbol for a group and the group worship of a Goddess and God is something I find offensive to my Gods and Goddesses- Mani is a male deity and not the moon-goddess as Wiccans believe etc. They are entitled to their views, as I am mine, but they unwittingly steer these groups in a Wiccan (although I would wager that few, if any, are actually initiates of a British-Traditional Wiccan coven derived from Gerald Gardner) manner.

I will attempt to find a liberal heathen group once more- I will consider Urd’s Well Kindred, the UK arm of the Ring of Troth (or the Troth) amongst others- NOTE: please feel free to suggest any liberal groups!

Further more, I see a likely development that I will relocate my family within the next 9 months (no baby is on the way!) and will look to move to a larger location. I will confirm that my thoughts have turned towards forming my own group, with my own criteria for membership and accepting those who share the same beliefs as myself. I’ll post more on that as it happens, but we are likely talking about a small online group at first, followed by a formalised structure for physical meetings and a location dedicated to such. I have no idea how this will form itself, but it is the way in which I feel drawn.