Treating sickness with herbs and crystals

A recent bout of illness in my home (heat stroke, hayfever, insomnia, sickness, chicken-pox…) has given me the opportunity to practice and develop my use of herbs and crystals as healing tools.

Everyone in my household sleeps with a bag of crystals under their pillow- remove a stone or the bag and they know and complain that I must have removed something because symptom x has come back. I think I’ve got those crystals down to a fine art. The intention is to post a guide to the ones I use and for which purpose as a page- keep an eye out if you’re interested.

The bout of sickness has given me a greater chance to use herbal sachets under a pillow or carried on the persons for 9 days/nights and then burnt on an incense brick with an offering of mead given to the Vaettir, Gods and Goddesses. The herbal mixtures I create work as both an incense and a herbal trap for illness.


I will post details of my crystal and herb use for those that have an interest. I am by no means an expert, but what I do works for me and my family.



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