As I read through Faulkes’ translation of Sturluson’s Edda, it strikes me how closed minded some of the heathen community can be.

I have seen many a reference online by those with ‘folkish’ beliefs deriding others for having beliefs not explicitly mentioned in these historic texts. Surely if they insist on a rigid adherence to practice and belief mentioned by Sturluson et al, then they should also rigidly accept his insistence that Odin is not the creator and Allfather, but is rather a figure from ancient Turkey or Troy who found the climate and people’s of northern Europe to his liking and proceeded to re-tell tales of Troy etc as being of his people ( the Aesir whom Sturlson insists means ‘ men of Asia’) and installed himself as the chief God of our ancestors through deceit. Stick to Sturluson’s writings and that must also be you belief- which in my view means you are not of the same beliefs as I.

Essentially, I’d your beliefs are folkish, you’re not of the same beliefs as I, but take Sturluson as being as truthful as if it were Odin himself that penned these works and then you are also not of the same beliefs as I. The Edda’s and other historic texts are great reference points and sources of written lore- but like all historic text must be taken as the authors viewpoint. We have no written Lore known as being from Odin and so we must not seek to recreate a religion based on a text that is accurate or not, but rather we should aim to do the bet that we can to honour the Gods and practice that which we can ascertain as being to their will.


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