Designing my next tattoo

After much thought as to the content and meaning of my next tattoo- I decided that I wanted it to have following elements:

prayer by me written in the Elder Futhark

I messed around with some designs and then decided to incorporate the historic image of Odin upon Sleipnir and place this with the Valknot. Great I thought, but why do I know that image? “with Oden on our side” by Amon Amarth uses it as the cover art for the album!

Damn it!

Do I differ from what I wished to have just because it is in use by a metal band? A great band at that, but I don’t think I can handle people thinking I have the bands image on my arm unless they know the true history and meaning behind it?

It’s a beautiful yet simple image full of power and mystery depending on your knowledge. I think I’ll go with it. It’s not like the album isn’t one of my favourites anyway. Maybe it’s Wyrd.


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