Assorted thoughts

Been a short while- so time for a quick update…

Added a couple more pictures (of Cannock Chase) to the Photos of Midgard section. Weather patterns are making it hard to get good pics as every time I get the chance the weather is not perfect!

Have odd feelings about this summer. I don’t know if something great or terrible is going to happen- just really nervous as we head towards Midsummer. I will have to ask the Runes I guess.

Interesting times we live in- the financial peril faced across the world was always likely when we have economies built around gold reserves that don’t physically exists (there are a lot of I.O.U. notes in gold reserves). I believe that the gods have left us more and more alone as we have matured as a people- maybe that will change with the difficulties we seem to have gotten ourselves into- fiscal, environmental, social, moral and religious… We are like the teenagers given dad’s credit card, car keys and told we have the house to ourselves for two weeks- mankind has run riot over the last few hundred years and there is a big hangover coming!

Planning some trips this weekend- will keep you posted.


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