Still searching for a non- folkish heathen group in England…

A flicker of hope comes like a light at the end of the tunnel- turns out to be a freight train coming your way! Or nothing….

After a previous post on my search for a non- folkish heathen group, a flurry of hits to the blog and I received an email from a member of such a group that also happened to be near to myself.

“great!” I thought as the member of the group offered to answer any questions I had and suggested the group may be what I am searching for. I replied asking more about the group, but alas I received no reply…

“mmmmm….” thinks I, taking it at the least as assign that this group is still functioning unlike some I have attempted to contact. On to their website and email the admin as perthe instructions there for those that wish to ask questions or join the group…

2 weeks and no reply from the admin… I consign myself that I am destined to walk this path alone with one eye on the road and one on the horizon for any like minded groups…


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