A year on this path…

A year ago I started this journey. After much time searching for the higher power in the universe, some books on Wicca opened up some different thought processes and rekindled a bond with the Gods of Asgard that I had such affinity for in pre- teen years. I finally feel at peace with the world and like I am part of something bigger with my fylgja at my side.

My tattoo reflects this perfectly- the commonly used pentacle representing the Wiccan knowledge that reawakened my mind to the pagan world marked upon the tree of Yggdrasil- with the raven representing my fylgja atop the tree and the corpse sucker Nidhogg at the roots of the tree- representing the destiny that may have awaited me come judgement by the gods in my death. Whilst avoidance of Nidhogg and the vaettir of punishment cannot be guaranteed, it is something I strive to do so by way of serving the gods during my remaining time in Midgard. I would hope that my actions now please them and that I can be judged favourably.

Sigurd’s day it is- a day to remember a great warrior who tamed the dragon Fafnir. To me, I don’t ask that anyone agrees, but it is easy to see how the christianisation of England formed st. George from Sigurd= Si is St and Gurd is George. Pronounce it- Se Geord and you will see what I mean.

All in all, I have never felt so alive, free and comfortable with my role in the world. Thanks to Odin and all that I have prayed to or sought guidance from during the last year.

One thing I have found is that my faith relies less on magick now and more on prayers and devotional ritual. Whilst I believe in magick, I know mainly focus on the use of the runes and some use of crystals. The major sticking point for me with Wiccan books was the focus on spell work and nothing on prayer etc. Spell structure replaced prayer as a way to form structure in the minds of those opposed to anything resembling the religions they were brought up into.

To those about to flame me in a comment about those views- know your facts about BTW as formed by Gerald Gardner before claiming it is the true old religion etc. and that half of those calling themselves Wiccan are not actually part of BTW initiated covens an so are not Wiccan as per that definition but are more a type of neo-ecclesiastical Wicca/pagan practice- and that is ok! Even the major religions in the world today have their different sects and views- heck, the Abrahamic based religions are split around their god, Jesus and Mohammed…

All I will say is that Odin is very clever, a traveler, a master of disguise and that he can appear as whatever he wishes to achieve his goal. Maybe there is more than just assimilation of old practices to explain the similarity between some aspects of the old ways an these Abrahamic religions?


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