Off to distant shores…

And so my work (for a Swedish company no less!) takes me off to foreign lands. My wife and daughter left behind to keep the homestead and await my return.

Times like this make me think what it meant to the men of days gone 1000 years or more- leaving their loved ones behind and not knowing what dye the Norns had woven for them. They likely had no idea of what they would face other than the likelihood of battle. At least I know what Paris is meant to be like, I have a rough idea of where I am going and am only likely to face a room full of colleagues for a day and a half meeting.

Although I do not battle as in times gone past, I do take the fight for my beliefs with me and part of that is the need to protect the Wights of the land and sea through my work.

May Thor and Frigg watch over my family until I return.


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