Photos of a Pagan Midgard

Attached are 4 of my favourite photographs that I have taken. All of these scream of the beauty that surrounds us in Midgard and all have something that makes me think of the gods and goddesses.

The top picture is a field in Keldy, North Yorkshire. With a stream and a forest to one side, long flowing grass and a tendency to capture the glow of the evening sun- this field enchanted me at first site. It teams with crows, crickets and butterflies and is a joy to walk through.

The second from top is a picture of the sun shining through a tree one overcast winters day at Bridgnorth, England. I wasn’t even looking for the picture- it was just a case of looking across as I walked to what I intended to photograph and thinking ‘Wow!’ and firing off some shots before the clouds took the shot away.

Next up, second from bottom, is a Yew tree found in the Forest of Dean, late Winter 2012. The tree had some squirrels living in it that were moving around due to the mild winter, but the tree itself had a real wealth of knots and twisting branches that at once let me see why the tree is associated with the dead- it had a real eerie feel and atmosphere. I sat under the tree for some time and took pictures- but all I could think of was the tree from Burton’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ where the headless horseman dwells.

Finally, bottom of the pictures, is a quick heat of the moment snap shot on my video camera of all things- looking out across lake windermere as the swans move, the clouds part just enough for the Sun to light the water and I was stood viewing a scene that took my breath away. I took many pictures around the lake- many of them are brilliantly dramatic, but none have the awe, majesty and mystery of this shot.

My ambition is to travel the British Isles and document significant Pagan sites with photos that are as encapsulating of the inspirational values of actually visiting the place as I can. I will post more as I feel there are things of interest.


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