Heathen music

Now, I’m a little surprised that I find the following music very much pleasing to listen to- after all, I wouldn’t usually find music themed around a particular subject of interest as I like a variety in my musical tastes…

It began with a quest to find some music non-intrusive, yet suitable for use in the background when preparing blots etc or to raise energies for magickal deeds. What I found was a group named Wardruna and their album Gap var Ginnunga. The album employs traditional instruments native to Norway and the rest of Scandinavia and the music is steeped in the lore of the 9 worlds. As a Heathen or Asator- this album is nothing short of a delight to listen to.

Well, being so impressed I decided to see what other Heathen music was out there…

Sig:Ar:Tyr is a great mix of folk/metal.

Tyr are an amazing band from the Faroe Isles whose albums are steeped in the Lore of the Asa-gods and the Edda’s. They make good use of their heritage within the songs which are classic metal in style with harmonies that sit between Iron Maiden and Rush.

Amon Amarth are a Swedish Death Metal band whose albums and lyrics all revolve around the tales of the Edda’s, the Asa-gods, persecution at the hands of the Christians and the life that a viking would have had 1000 years ago. An amazing band, fantastic lyrical content, brilliant melodies (yes- they are so melodic that they are frequently called a melo-death metal band!). Worth a listen and their are multiple videos on YouTube.

If anyone knows any more music that is rock/metal/folk based I would love to hear your suggestions. Led Zeppelin always leant towards this, but there are so many brilliant musicians taking heathen music to the forefront with their brilliant work. Always the obvious ones like Wagner which I admit form the base of a lot of my music for rituals.


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