Finding a heathen or Asatru group in England

Time after time I search, I contact, I correspond and then I despair…

The challenge- find a heathen/Asatru group in England that has no racial discrimination inherent to the group…

Yes, walk into a Church of England church one Sunday afternoon and you can find a racist- racists are not defined by religion and so all religions have them. Unfortunately, due to the use of Norse god’s, runes and mythology by the Nazi’s- Asatru and Heathenism are unfortunately tainted in the eyes of the uneducated. Realisitically, every religion is tainted by one war or actions of some- the Roman Catholic church has had millions killed in it’s name, tortured, pillaged and crushed rebellions. So some unfortunate use of heathen symbolism by the Nazi’s has essentially not only tainted use of Runes, Sun-wheels etc. but also make the mythology open to abuse by those seeking to hide their racism under the guise of a ‘religion’…hence, you can easily find many racists within the wrong heathen group.

Everytime I think I have found a group where any hint of racism may not be tolerated…I seem to rapidly find too many comments suggesting otherwise- or a too liberal and stringent application of the term ‘folk’. It seems that the stronger the identification with the ‘folk’, then it may be the more subverted the racism towards those not of the ‘northern-european folk’.

I have found groups with promise…but these seem to have disbanded or no longer exist.

If anyone knows of the answer to my prayers- a non-racist heathen or Asatru group within the UK and preferably the West Midlands…please let me know.

This is my battle as someone on the path of a Vitki within the Heathen/Asatru way…I know I am not alone in being a liberal minded heathen and am open to forming a group should that be the path I find myself on.


2 thoughts on “Finding a heathen or Asatru group in England

    1. Ha! This post is somewhat dated now. I retain it here now mostly as an archived piece.

      There are UK groups out there that are liberal, to an extent, and hold no discriminatory criteria. Unfortunately, in my experience, they also tend towards an oppressive liberalism that denies discussion of any darker aspects of the gods, e.g. no mention of Loki during rituals and no acceptance of the dark aspects of Odin. Having bounced around the scene for a while, I found my way towards groups that shared my interpretation of Odin and the relation to the left-hand path. It is within one of these groups, the Order of Apep, that I ultimately found intellectual support for my approach.

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