Magick and ethics, redes etc.

‘An it harm none…do what you will’

The infamous Wiccan rede. It, of course, should be taken as a guidance. Techinically- turning the power on to read this blog could be defined as harming someone- the children harmed in floods caused by global warming, the miners struggling to breathe as they mine coal or those affected by fallout from radiation leaks at power stations….

My view is this- defensive or offensive Magick is a martial art. Like all martial arts, you need to learn and understand how to hurt someone so that you do not inadvertently do so. Like in Aikido- the goal is to defend yourself without having to hurt others- but you know how to do so if there is no other choice.

The greatest dilemna is knowing how far you need to go in order to defend yourself and your loved ones. Not viciously harming others gives you a clear conscience, but there will be times where, like with any martial art, you have to strike in order to defend yourself/family.

We should all hope that we never need hurt anyone, but there is no point in being naive and not knowing how to do so should circumstances present themselves- it’s called self-defence and justified levels of action. Learn the curses, attacks and defences. Hope that you don’t have to use them.

Be smart, be true.


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