Self-sacrifice by way of a tattoo

As Odin sacrificed himself unto himself, I have just had myself tattooed by way of sacrificing myself to confirm my dedication unto Odin and my path of Vitki.

A simple tattoo of a Raven sitting atop of Yggdrassil with roots extending down to a depiction of the dragon Nidhogg- thus depicting what I believe is the route of reincarnation if required where the life within the tree that does not ascend to Asgard, heads instead to Niflheim where those restless dead that require a return to Midgard must sacrifice themselves to Nidhogg and be ingested and discarded for their remains to be absorbed back into Yggdrassil and return the worlds of the second plane.

Picture to follow…

Why is this a self-sacrifice? For 31 years I have been tattoo and piercing free and only now feel that I must mark my body in any fashion. Here’s to the glory of Odin! May he know of this sacrifice and know I am his servant.

Why the Raven? The Raven is my primary companion (something I have known for many years prior to discovering this path). During a ritual 6 days ago, my Raven guide revealed himself to be named CRG (or CRX in the Elder Futhark) which translates as (C)beacon/vision (R) travel (X) gift.


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