Magick and ethics, redes etc.

‘An it harm none…do what you will’

The infamous Wiccan rede. It, of course, should be taken as a guidance. Techinically- turning the power on to read this blog could be defined as harming someone- the children harmed in floods caused by global warming, the miners struggling to breathe as they mine coal or those affected by fallout from radiation leaks at power stations….

My view is this- defensive or offensive Magick is a martial art. Like all martial arts, you need to learn and understand how to hurt someone so that you do not inadvertently do so. Like in Aikido- the goal is to defend yourself without having to hurt others- but you know how to do so if there is no other choice.

The greatest dilemna is knowing how far you need to go in order to defend yourself and your loved ones. Not viciously harming others gives you a clear conscience, but there will be times where, like with any martial art, you have to strike in order to defend yourself/family.

We should all hope that we never need hurt anyone, but there is no point in being naive and not knowing how to do so should circumstances present themselves- it’s called self-defence and justified levels of action. Learn the curses, attacks and defences. Hope that you don’t have to use them.

Be smart, be true.


Secrecy, runes, spell books and magic

Recently my wife has asked why I hide my beliefs? I don’t think I do.

I have a tattoo on my arm that is partially visible to all- depicting my spirit guide sitting atop Yggdrasil with the dragon Niddhog at its roots.

A glass doored cabinet holds half of my magical and altar items in plane view- as well as a vast selection of books concerning paganism, magic, spells, crystals and herbs.

My arm chair is next to a bookcase housing my crystals, my book, my incense and herbs, my runes, my chalice, my wand, my altar cloth, my candles etc as well as my most prized books on magical ritual, runes, Odin and the other Aesir and Vanir.

Clearly, nothing is hidden. Everything is in pretty much plane sight- I just don’t believe in dangling my beliefs in the face of anyone who visits my home or to whom I speak. The fact that no visitor to my home has ever questioned the books and ritual items or that nobody- be they friend, family or work colleague has ever asked about the tattoo or my jewellery tells me that they are either oblivious, not bothered and accept that I have beliefs other than theirs or that they are afraid to ask.

As a matter if fact- only my two year old daughter has ever asked about my tattoo and when explained to her she simply accepts it as she has no pre- conditioning otherwise.

The only element I have concerns over in terms of secrecy is my spellwork. Do I maintain their secrecy and keep then to myself- or should I post a section of spells and bind runes etc that I have had great success with? Your thoughts and comments on this would be appreciated. My current view is that I would assist individuals should they ask- but I’m reluctant to put my work out there for misuse by anyone who views the blog.

I guess I’m saying that like with my books, tattoo and ritual items etc the. If you ask- I will answer. Ask for a bind rune or spell though and I will have to get the process somewhat. I’m about twenty years and a lifetime of knowledge away from taking
apprentices or forming anything resembling a coven, but if I can help those in need- I will.

Quoth the raven…

Online pagan retail

Now, over the last year I have purchased a vast amount of materials, supplies and ritual items from sites on the internet.

Some of the best for the UK are as follows: has a wide range, good stock levels and generally next day delivery. is a great site for a wide variety of jewellery. has an unbelievable variety of items, but items do take a few weeks to arrive. is a family run, online only business- with a range that is almost second to none, goods dispatch within 24 hours and they are often 10% cheaper than the competition. A great site that I highly recommend for all purchases… is the best site for beautiful, quality and unique jewellery. Expect around 6 weeks for delivery, but the items are worth it. is a fantastic book store and learning centre in London (not far from Euston station). Well worth a visit for shopping or to attend a course.

Of course, you can’t beat the good old reliable Amazon when it comes to sourcing current books, music etc and you will also find more and more retailers selling Pagan items of all sorts through the Amazon store programme.

Self-sacrifice by way of a tattoo

As Odin sacrificed himself unto himself, I have just had myself tattooed by way of sacrificing myself to confirm my dedication unto Odin and my path of Vitki.

A simple tattoo of a Raven sitting atop of Yggdrassil with roots extending down to a depiction of the dragon Nidhogg- thus depicting what I believe is the route of reincarnation if required where the life within the tree that does not ascend to Asgard, heads instead to Niflheim where those restless dead that require a return to Midgard must sacrifice themselves to Nidhogg and be ingested and discarded for their remains to be absorbed back into Yggdrassil and return the worlds of the second plane.

Picture to follow…

Why is this a self-sacrifice? For 31 years I have been tattoo and piercing free and only now feel that I must mark my body in any fashion. Here’s to the glory of Odin! May he know of this sacrifice and know I am his servant.

Why the Raven? The Raven is my primary companion (something I have known for many years prior to discovering this path). During a ritual 6 days ago, my Raven guide revealed himself to be named CRG (or CRX in the Elder Futhark) which translates as (C)beacon/vision (R) travel (X) gift.