Defining my own path…

This journey keeps surprising me more and more.

Recently started chatting to other Pagans on various websites about beliefs and I guess some of them pointed out something I pretty much knew anyway- my beliefs are more Asatru than Wicca.

Do I worship the Moon as Goddess and Sun as God?- No.

Do I worship Odin & Frigga as my primary God and Goddess? Yes

Do I also call other Gods of the Aesir and Vanir as needed? Yes

Do I have an unexplained attraction to the ‘Norse Gods’ since childhood? Yes

Do I place faith in the Runes and what they divine? Yes

MMMmmmm….Yes, I may well be more Asatru than Wiccan.

I wasn’t sure what this meant- most of the Asatru groups I have seen are about group worship and little inclusion of magick. Spellcraft forms a central tenet of my relationship with my Gods and Goddesses. Where did this leave me?

And then I picked up a book I had purchased and has been on my pile to read for a short while…Northern Magic- Rune Mysteries and Shamanism by Edred Thorrson. Yes, this book knows me! It’s like it was sat there waiting to answer my questions!

So as I embrace the Troth and learn from my ancestors, I know now that I am on the path of a vitki (wise one) which actually isn’t too far from the original meaning of the word ‘Wicca’.

I now feel able to continue, without label, on my own path as a vitki who is exploring my Troth and what magick I find along the way. I belong to no group as such and seek no companion on my journey as it is mine and mine alone as I endeavour to be closer to Odin.



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