Finding my ancestors

Recently I’ve had some success with research into my family past. My birth name hails from Lancashire, England. Now, this has always been an uncommon surname.

Until now, there has been little information on the names origins…the internet allows the sharing of information between people like never before…and the one thing all people with my name have in common is a need to understand where that name came from!

I have researched and found the followingÆ

-Old Norse in origin
-deriving from Rostherne near Knutsford, Cheshire, England.
-the name is derived from ‘Rauthr’ as a reference to red hair and thorn as is thorn bush in the local vicinity.
-name first recorded in 1246 as Richard de Routhesthorn in the ‘Assize Court rolls of Lancashire’.

-another suggestion is that it is norse ‘Ravos’ and ‘thorne’.

-another is that it was ‘cross’ ‘therne’ relating to the ‘therne’ as ‘lake’ and the holy cross. A sacred mere, the only one in the UK where salt water fish have been found thanks to an unknown link to the sea seeping into the freshwater lake…maybe it was deemed a sacred well?

I have my own take.

Rauthr for red hair
Thorn for thorn (as runic terms)

Thorn/Thurisaz is a rune for something evil/giant or Thor himself- so, could the name be Red Giant?/Ravos Giant? Now- this is only my thoughts on this. Also, add to this that if you take the birth dates of my wife, daughter and myself- each one of us is a fire sign under numerological analysis. Fire signs are coded as being Red…

Makes me wonder…

Of course, you could always read it as Rostherne=Red Thorne as in Red and Thorne being a rune associated with Thor (Thor has red hair) and suddenly you have a place that maybe named after an Aesir and a chance I could be a decendant?


Bind Runes

One of the best forms of spell work I have been using of late is that of bind runes.

There are a wealth of books out there on this- I will be posting a list of these soon under permanent pages and useful sources.

Easy to do, but amazingly so many people still recognise them as something powerful- all but likely they think it is a hex sign! Heck- the bluetooth logo on your mobile and computer is nothing but a bind rune based on a legendary king of the same name!

I will update this soon with much more on this.

Defining my own path…

This journey keeps surprising me more and more.

Recently started chatting to other Pagans on various websites about beliefs and I guess some of them pointed out something I pretty much knew anyway- my beliefs are more Asatru than Wicca.

Do I worship the Moon as Goddess and Sun as God?- No.

Do I worship Odin & Frigga as my primary God and Goddess? Yes

Do I also call other Gods of the Aesir and Vanir as needed? Yes

Do I have an unexplained attraction to the ‘Norse Gods’ since childhood? Yes

Do I place faith in the Runes and what they divine? Yes

MMMmmmm….Yes, I may well be more Asatru than Wiccan.

I wasn’t sure what this meant- most of the Asatru groups I have seen are about group worship and little inclusion of magick. Spellcraft forms a central tenet of my relationship with my Gods and Goddesses. Where did this leave me?

And then I picked up a book I had purchased and has been on my pile to read for a short while…Northern Magic- Rune Mysteries and Shamanism by Edred Thorrson. Yes, this book knows me! It’s like it was sat there waiting to answer my questions!

So as I embrace the Troth and learn from my ancestors, I know now that I am on the path of a vitki (wise one) which actually isn’t too far from the original meaning of the word ‘Wicca’.

I now feel able to continue, without label, on my own path as a vitki who is exploring my Troth and what magick I find along the way. I belong to no group as such and seek no companion on my journey as it is mine and mine alone as I endeavour to be closer to Odin.