When you embark on a Wiccan or any Pagan path, have a family that understand but your house is open to many visitors that maybe would not understand and be suceptible to the typical Hollywood and Christian church influenced bias against you- then you have to tidy your altar and tools away…

Doing this can be easier said than done! I need storage I feel is suitably special, blessed and protective without drawing undue attention to the contents.

Why can’t you find boxes long enough to hold 50 or 60 assorted incense sticks? Why can’t you find wooden boxes large enough for an athame or wand to be secure within? There’s a niche market their for someone to produce such items. Wand bags? I had to go and make my own wand and as such…it doesn’t fit bags made for off the shelf wands.

I currently have my items stored in 3 large wooden rectangular boxes of various design plus one large domed wine casket for the incense and larger altar items.

Books, candles etc are hidden in plain sight within a glazed cabinet so people see them but they don’t notice them. At least- if anyone does notice, then nobody has the front to ask my wife or I what they are for!

How I would love to have a spare room, attic or cellar to dedicate as my sacred space and permanently erect my altar!

Any ingenious storage ideas are welcomed please!