Incense issues

Incense problems

Now this was and still is a pretty stupid problem to have…

Burning incense sticks as part of my ritual worship and spell casting was severely put down upon by my wife. It has been blamed for all sorts of headaches and illness. I know, fairly silly.

So in search of a solution:

-Changed the blends as certain smells were blamed
-when the smoke was blamed regardless of the blend, it was suggested I switch to an oil burner.

I know, I know- fragrance oils are synthetic and are not blended herbs & spices and so are pretty ineffective in spell work.

-after certain fragrances were then accused of causing headaches, I began to give up hope of being able to incorporate any kind of incense blend into my workings.

It was in an act of desperation that I hit upon an idea that was so simple it was untrue- burn what I want and don’t tell the wife I’m burning it and then see if she notices and blames the incense or oils. The result- her headaches were totally psychosomatic and she was assuming the incense would cause her one.

Where does that leave me? Well, I purchased a pottery thrurible and now I burn pure herbal blended incense’s and have no complaints from my wife. Be warned though- burning charcoal can generate a hell of a lot of smoke when you drop herbs onto it! I thought I was about to set off the smoke alarms a number of times- not funny if the spell work is taking place in the early hours of the morning!

The moral of this story- incense is by far the most noticeable element of your spell works or rituals to anyone you share a home with. Telling them you will be burning it can allow them to pre-prejudice their reactions to it as I fell victim to. Try it and see.

As a friend of mine always says ‘sometimes it’s easier to apologise than to ask permission’.



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