The Ritual Circle

The Ritual Circle…

So, most guidelines give a circle diameter around 9ft, but this is not always possible in the confines of modern living. I could get there, but the furniture in the house makes it impossible without moving everything out of the room. Lets be realistic- with current house prices locking everyone in, the chances of you having a large room you can dedicate as your sacred space are slim. If you can, do so and hey- lucky you!

I apply the logic that follows:

-some like to practice naked, but indoors. As Paul Huson wrote, if your magic can pass through walls, then it can pass through your clothing! Personally, I like to be barefoot as a minimum to connect to the earth.

-as I cast the circle, I visualise it forming from the tip of my Athame and penetrating through obstacles. Although not ideal, I empower it with words along the lines of ‘may this circle be not confined to the walls of this room, but extend above, below and beyond to provide the circle I desire’.

So what do I have in my circle?

A table (dining table)
A black altar cloth as a liner
A purple pentacle altar cloth that covers the whole table
A pentacle stone
Candles (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black) for the elements.
Green Candle and Red Candle for Odin & Frigg.
Incense dish
Fire anointing oil
Bowel of holy water
Bowel of consecrated salt
Book of Shadows
Glass/Chalice of wine
Offering bowel

I will update with a picture when I can.

Do you need all of these things? Maybe, maybe not. I started with just the 5 elemental candles, Odin & Frigg candles, glass of wine and my Book of Shadows. I didn’t set out to use everything I now do- it has just evolved that way. The important thing is that you do what you believe to be right.


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