Storing out of sight…

When you embark on a Wiccan or any Pagan path, have a family that understand but your house is open to many visitors that maybe would not understand and be suceptible to the typical Hollywood and Christian church influenced bias against you- then you have to tidy your altar and tools away…

Doing this can be easier said than done! I need storage I feel is suitably special, blessed and protective without drawing undue attention to the contents.

Why can’t you find boxes long enough to hold 50 or 60 assorted incense sticks? Why can’t you find wooden boxes large enough for an athame or wand to be secure within? There’s a niche market their for someone to produce such items. Wand bags? I had to go and make my own wand and as such…it doesn’t fit bags made for off the shelf wands.

I currently have my items stored in 3 large wooden rectangular boxes of various design plus one large domed wine casket for the incense and larger altar items.

Books, candles etc are hidden in plain sight within a glazed cabinet so people see them but they don’t notice them. At least- if anyone does notice, then nobody has the front to ask my wife or I what they are for!

How I would love to have a spare room, attic or cellar to dedicate as my sacred space and permanently erect my altar!

Any ingenious storage ideas are welcomed please!



Combining beliefs…


so there is a fundamental belief that exists out there in the Pagan world…you can’t mix beliefs. Speak to a follower of Asatru and they will mock norse-Wicca, Hoodoo practitioners will decry Wiccan’s use of their techniques etc.

This is the way I see it- nobody has any written guidelines or rules as to how Pagan beliefs were or should be practised. Christianity took hundreds of years to write it’s beliefs down and then spent hundreds more years obliterating pagan beliefs and forcing the traditions to be maintained verbally. As such, nobody has a right to claim what they do is the correct or original way. I believe in Odin, Frigga, Thor etc and worship them as I see fit. That’s the bottom line. I believe I honour them appropriately and that they appreciate my approach to magick and religion.

Bruce Lee was shunned in the martial arts world for many years. Why? He sought to take everything he could learn from Karate, Wing-Chun, Shaolin Kung-Fu, Judo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing etc and combine it into the core martial art.

I see my belief and practice in a similar way- I use elements of Wicca, Ceremonial, Norse and other religious beliefs and magickal systems to combine them into what I see as essential and working for me. Religion and magick are both essentially about the individual and their beliefs. Do what you feel is right and listen to any guidance from the Gods you receive. I do.

Blessings, do as you will.

Reading the Runes

Because of my attraction to the Norse gods and goddesses, I also found myself with an interest in the Runes at an early point in my journey.

Now, there are a lot of books out there on the Runes, but the most educated will ignore the ‘blank’ or ‘Odin’ rune that you get with most ready made Runes. Historically, this stone never existed and seems to have come into existence at some point in the 1970/80’s.

A good source of information on the Runes can be found at and I would recommend this as a starting point on the net to learn the meanings and history of each rune.

An initial consecration of the runes using holy water and asking Frigga and Odin to help bestow the gift of prophecy upon them is essential. Learn the meaning, learn the feel of your stones- literally get to know them and always treat them with respect.

I’m not about to tell you how to cast them for a divination- I started with a 3 rune cast, but now use 3, 5 or 9 as required depending on the question I am asking. There is a wealth of information out there.

The one guidance I will give is that you should use the Norse/Germanic runes found throughout northern Europe and not the modern Runes or the totally unrelated Witch Runes. Odin sacrificed himself for these Runes and out of respect, you should use these as they are after all the divination tool of the great and wise Odin.

Later on I will post a dedicated page to Runes and rune magic, but for now- follow the link above.


Incense issues

Incense problems

Now this was and still is a pretty stupid problem to have…

Burning incense sticks as part of my ritual worship and spell casting was severely put down upon by my wife. It has been blamed for all sorts of headaches and illness. I know, fairly silly.

So in search of a solution:

-Changed the blends as certain smells were blamed
-when the smoke was blamed regardless of the blend, it was suggested I switch to an oil burner.

I know, I know- fragrance oils are synthetic and are not blended herbs & spices and so are pretty ineffective in spell work.

-after certain fragrances were then accused of causing headaches, I began to give up hope of being able to incorporate any kind of incense blend into my workings.

It was in an act of desperation that I hit upon an idea that was so simple it was untrue- burn what I want and don’t tell the wife I’m burning it and then see if she notices and blames the incense or oils. The result- her headaches were totally psychosomatic and she was assuming the incense would cause her one.

Where does that leave me? Well, I purchased a pottery thrurible and now I burn pure herbal blended incense’s and have no complaints from my wife. Be warned though- burning charcoal can generate a hell of a lot of smoke when you drop herbs onto it! I thought I was about to set off the smoke alarms a number of times- not funny if the spell work is taking place in the early hours of the morning!

The moral of this story- incense is by far the most noticeable element of your spell works or rituals to anyone you share a home with. Telling them you will be burning it can allow them to pre-prejudice their reactions to it as I fell victim to. Try it and see.

As a friend of mine always says ‘sometimes it’s easier to apologise than to ask permission’.


The Ritual Circle

The Ritual Circle…

So, most guidelines give a circle diameter around 9ft, but this is not always possible in the confines of modern living. I could get there, but the furniture in the house makes it impossible without moving everything out of the room. Lets be realistic- with current house prices locking everyone in, the chances of you having a large room you can dedicate as your sacred space are slim. If you can, do so and hey- lucky you!

I apply the logic that follows:

-some like to practice naked, but indoors. As Paul Huson wrote, if your magic can pass through walls, then it can pass through your clothing! Personally, I like to be barefoot as a minimum to connect to the earth.

-as I cast the circle, I visualise it forming from the tip of my Athame and penetrating through obstacles. Although not ideal, I empower it with words along the lines of ‘may this circle be not confined to the walls of this room, but extend above, below and beyond to provide the circle I desire’.

So what do I have in my circle?

A table (dining table)
A black altar cloth as a liner
A purple pentacle altar cloth that covers the whole table
A pentacle stone
Candles (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black) for the elements.
Green Candle and Red Candle for Odin & Frigg.
Incense dish
Fire anointing oil
Bowel of holy water
Bowel of consecrated salt
Book of Shadows
Glass/Chalice of wine
Offering bowel

I will update with a picture when I can.

Do you need all of these things? Maybe, maybe not. I started with just the 5 elemental candles, Odin & Frigg candles, glass of wine and my Book of Shadows. I didn’t set out to use everything I now do- it has just evolved that way. The important thing is that you do what you believe to be right.