Casting circles

First steps…

Casting a circle for the first time- well that is an experience! If you are about to do this- then fear not, like other ‘firsts’, everyone has one!

I cast my first circle for a ritual back in May 2011. I read what I could but quickly realised that there are an infinite number of ways to cast a circle, with variations for watchtowers, winds, deities etc. Everyone seems to have their own variation on the wording of the calls etc so settle on one that feels right or write your own with guidance from the ones you read or come across.

Feelings of doubt, embarrassment, foolishness, fear of getting it wrong… yes, I had all of these as I cast my first circle one night when nobody else was around.

Luckily, we had the required candles and objects around as my wife has done various workings over the years without being on the Wiccan path herself.

What happens if I get it wrong? Will the gods smite me? Well you know what- the intention is what matters and the gods respect this. This is not to say they won’t laugh at you- I’ve lost count of how many times I have called the element of fire only to have the candle refuse to light! Irony is high on the amusement factor for the gods i guess.

After you cast a circle, perform spells or rituals for a number of times then you will lose the nerves and doubts- your ritual words and actions will become second nature and will undoubtedly show personal touches. This is your power adding itself to the ritual- go with it. What feels right generally is.




Blessings and welcome,

I have decided to write about my journey as I progress and develop my beliefs and my knowledge of magic and divination.
I will be keeping track of my development as a note for those that may follow and be seeking someone whom has had similar ideas, questions and other feelings. I hope that I may be able to offer advice, information and the knowledge that nobody is the first to have such issues or questions…thousands of years of previous people with these beliefs mean we are far from the first.
NightRavenoak is my taken name as it came to me in a dream and then proved to be numberologically perfect for my birthdate.
Soon, I will recap my journey so far.
Until then, 
Blessed be.