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When sleep is but a dream, then what is real?

My latest work, To Seere a Body, is nearing release.  It is an extended allegory; a piece of philosophical fiction that encapsulates an enquiry into the nature of Being, the origins of consciousness, and the reality of the world around us.  

The book will be live and available on Wednesday 14th June 2017 and will be available to read, FREE of charge, on Amazon’s Kindle Select programme — all that you have to do is leave a review!  Hurry, as it is only available until 14th July 2017!  The following is the link for you to read the book:

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Peter Wilson is a psychology student at Monkford University.  As Peter embarks upon a research project, with the aim of defining the nature of the mind, Peter’s experimentation with sleep deprivation finds him increasingly unable to discriminate as to what is real and what is a hallucination. 

Peter has been granted initial funding for his project as a part of wider project led by his friend and tutor, Professor Hall. The addition of Rachel Seeres as an assistant to the team sees her guide Peter into a refinement of his experiments.  Through continual experimentation with astral projects, Peter gradually refines his technique.  Each experiment provides further insights into the nature of the mind, or soul, and takes Peter ever further into a state between waking consciousness and dream.

When dreams and reality merge into one, Peter finds himself embroiled in a battle for both his life and his sanity. 

The final evaluation of events finds Peter discovering the answers to the questions that drove his research:  what is the mind, where does it come from and how does it relate to our bodies?  As the definition of reality is forever altered, both Peter and you, the reader, find themselves questioning the nature of events and their own existence.


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Beyond Gods and men…

The tale is found in almost all mythologies – that of the solar deity who must die, regardless of any action taken by others.  Invariably, the mighty wills of the deities are unable to prevent the death of the deity.  We find this tale within the myths of Baldr, Jesus, and Osiris amongst many others.  No matter the deific might or magic of the other gods, there is no manner in which the death may be averted as it has been decreed to occur elsewhere – by beings beyond the power of the gods.

Such tales occurred to me when I engaged in a review of a working I had undertaken.  In a near two-week period of intense workings, the end result failed to materialise in accordance with my will.  My analysis failed to identify anything that had been missed.  The workings were correct.  The alignments were perfect.  The timings and correspondences were all suitably aligned with the desired result.  Even the divination, employed to assess if the works were effective, suggested change.  I realise now that the change was not as desired, yet it shall be effective regardless.

So why did the result fail to manifest in accordance with my will?  Upon review, it occurred that even the mighty archetype of the feminine (known by various names that include Isis, Gullveigr, Ishtar, Frigg, Freyja, Ostara, Mary and Astaroth, amongst others) failed to prevent the death of the solar deity (Jesus, Baldr, and Osiris amongst others).  Even the deific male consciousness (be it Odin or otherwise) is unable to prevent the death of the solar deity.  When even the mighty powers of the deific are unable to prevent the death of a fellow deity, then there are agents at work whose power is beyond even theirs.  Given that the realms of both gods and men are the creation of an organising consciousness (such as Odin in the formation of Yggdrasil from the remains of the proto-being, Ymir), then such entities are to found external to the order of realms created by the deities.  Who or what then are those beings of immense power?

The answer is that they are many.  They are the Fates/Norn, the Eagle, and the great Dragon, amongst others.  Their names vary by mythology, yet they are known.  I know now that I must shift focus and work directly with these beings.  The lessons I have learnt through my work with the gods have been many, yet I find myself frustrated that I remain subject to the will of others – a will that even the mighty gods find themselves subject to.  This journey that I know undertake, I posit, is the that undertaken by Odin when he sacrifices himself upon the ordered cosmology of Yggdrasil – to reach beyond the confines and seek the knowledge of the primal beings.   Thus, I cast myself into the void, the great abyss beyond the realms of gods and men, to engage upon a quest worthy of the demigods of Greek lore.  To seek the knowledge of those primal beings who shape the destinies of both gods and men and those beings whose purpose is to bring forth the destruction of that which is, in to allow that which will be to come into Being – the great Dragon.

Beyond Gods & Men…

Not M.I.A.

In the event that you are wondering where I have gone, I am here (as much as is possible given a state or continual flux).

I continue to post as and when there is something notable and worthwhile.  At the moment however, my time is taken with a massive project.

February 24th 2017… a day of infamy (or stupidity) for witches and magicians

February 24th 2017… a day of infamy (or stupidity)

At an allotted time, midnight, a social-justice seeking collective of witches and pagans sought to bind the U.S. President Donald Trump. 

 Article links from the NY Times and UK’s Metro:


Such is a demonstrable act of folly for a host of reasons:

               -The stroke of midnight by which the collective sought to co-ordinate their efforts was actually 00:00am on 25th February, given that midnight sees the turn of the day.  Yes, timing is all important in magic, unless of course you merely dabble without much of an idea as to what you are doing.

               -There was seemingly little effort to co-ordinate timings for the global action.  A concurrent working is far more powerful, yet the disparity in time zones saw witches in England working 5 or more hours ahead of the collective in the eastern United States, who themselves were hours ahead of their west coast collaborators.

               -The alignment of the working is with the waning moon.  If the intent was to use the new moon, then such occurs at 14:58 GMT on 26th February.  Again, timing…

               -It may also have been more effective, if the intent was to create hope, to wait for the waxing moon.  Such would have encouraged the growth of positive energies.  The timing and performance of the binding under a waning moon certainly suggests an ignorance of timing or an intent to create a destructive binding.  Again, timing and knowledge…

               -If the binding were to be effective, then surely the risk is that of creating a provocation to pursue witches and pagans.  For those who think such is improbable in the 21st Century, then search for the case of a Romanian politician who fell foul of a hex cast in response to a change in taxation against witchcraft. 

               -If some calamity were to befall the President, would those claiming success and proclaiming their role in the binding then be sought for their role in a conspiracy?

               -If the binding is claimed to be successful, leading perhaps to President Trump being more ‘restrained’ in the subjective view of those casting the spell, then how are we to know what is President Trump’s own restraint and thought, or what is the result of the binding?  There is no measure by which to gauge success in a working such as this.

               -The counter action by Christian groups, offering prayers to protect President Trump, is perhaps likely to gather a greater number of participants.  With the mechanism of prayer being little different to a direction of magical intent, then the suggestion would be that a greater number of participants plus what could be viewed as a dominant deity in the current aeon, then the Christian prayer groups have an advantage.

               -The support of the Christian groups by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, amongst other magical groups, with calls to counter the binding of President Trump with workings of a ceremonial magic nature adds further weight to the idea that the magical balance is tipped in favour of protecting the President.


Personally, I have no interest in taking part, on either side, for a variety of reasons.  Ultimately, it amuses me that once more we see the response to a perceived threat, is to make a counter-threat.  The reaction to a perceived constraint of freedom, is to bind the President and effectively enforce a constraint against the President.  These are the actions of intolerance, perpetrated against someone who they have a difference of opinion with and may perceive the President to be intolerant.  If the President had restricted the actions of the witches, with a legal binding perhaps, then they would be crying ‘persecution’.   Their actions are risky indeed, and perhaps ill-thought out.



Inside the Los Angeles Satanic Temple’s biggest-ever ‘black mass’ with blood-letting, demonic cats and stand-up

The Satanic Temple ( are an extremely active and well directed group.  As opposed to any initiatory structure, the group has a focus upon the application of rationalised science towards the nature of Being.  They have a wider focus of activism upon rights within society for women, children, prisoners, and the testing of so-called religious equality through provocative measures.  In short, yet they have some commendable aspects.

The ‘Satanic Mass’ of 14th January 2017 is however unlikely to much in furthering the group.  As reported by the tabloid press (, the Satanic Temple organised a showcase for their approach to Satanism.  The result is something which would have been fitting for Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan (which legally no longer exists) in its heyday.


THE Satanic Temple of Los Angeles opened its diabolical doors for its largest ever “black mass” on Saturday night. The demonic affair involved everything from live music, bloodletting a…

Source: Inside the Los Angeles Satanic Temple’s biggest-ever ‘black mass’ with blood-letting, demonic cats and stand-up



Whilst I have little concern with those who elect to rebel against society, yet find themselves conforming to and perpetuating such basic stereotypes, there is a major issue which requires clarification.  The performance of a ‘Satanic’ or ‘Black’ Mass is a historical ritual, popular in 19th Century France.  The intention of the Black Mass is to reverse the Baptism and Confirmation into the Catholic church, participated in by individuals who wish to renounce their association with the Church as a result of them having little choice in such during the early years of their lives.  The choice of the Satanic Temple to perform such a ritual is far from unexpected and in itself only shocks those who are ignorant as to the true nature of the ritual.  It is however surprising that the Satanic Temple has elected to conclude the Satanic/Black (there seems to be some confusion in the reporting of the event as to the term employed) Mass with a ritualised blood-letting.  Again, the reports seem confused as they also describe the Mass concluding with a blood-letting, yet they also describe an invocation prior to the blood-letting at 02:15am.

The issues I take are:

-there is no invocation in a Black Mass

-What exactly does an atheist (Steve Hill’s own words describe him as such) hope to invoke?  If you have no belief in any spiritual entity, then the ritual invocation is merely ego-masturbation upon a stage or it is a shock-performance to elicit media attention.

-Why do atheistic Satanists continue to employ the use of religious iconography and labels?  Is it perhaps because the label ‘Satanist’ allows for a greater promotional possibility than if the symbology were that of an atom and the group called a suitably atheistic name such as ‘the Self-pride group’?  Atheists should have the strength to abandon all religious associations and symbolism.

-Prayer, within any religious context, is to make an offering of psychic energy.  Regardless of the psychological potential for devout belief in prayer to affect changes upon the sub-conscious which then manifest changes in the reality tunnels of the individual in order to bring about their desires, there exists an offering of energy.  The act of prayer offers a sacrifice of psychic energy to a greater conscious being, in exchange for their intervention in an issue.  To make such an offering is to sacrifice both one’s own psychic energy and one’s own sovereignty.  All forms of sacrifice, including animal and blood-letting, function as does prayer.  The value of the offering to the individual is the mechanism that empowers a sacrifice.  To offer a thing of no value to the self, is to offer a thing of no value to a deific consciousness.  By offering a thing of substantial value, in the form of psychic energy or other sacrifice, then the individual makes the sacrifice in expectation of recompense from deity.  Such is the reason why Odin, in the Havamal, states that it is better not to pray.  The result of any sacrificial act, prayer included, is to coerce the greater conscious entity into acting upon the behalf of the individual who effectively subjugates themselves as a powerless individual before the deity.  To do so is to admit ones’ affiliation with the plebeian chattel.  To do so is to subjugate the will and inherent deity of the self to another.  As such, there is no place for any sacrifice, prayer, and blood inclusive, within the left-hand path.

The act of sacrifice is to offer an apple to the teacher in the vain hope that they will complete the exam for the student.  The left-hand path student is confident in their own ability to excel and learns what they will from the tutor without need of such sophistry.  Yes, there are left-hand path groups who make use of sacrifices.  The rationale for such varies.  Some utilise the process of sacrifice as a means to test the individuals limits.  Others act out of a lack of comprehension for what they do.  The Satanic Mass as enacted by the Satanic Temple demonstrates a lack of willing towards an abandonment of shock tactics and media whoredom.  The performance of a Black Mass, as accompanied by a ritual invocation of nothing and a blood-letting are mere theatre, designed to garner publicity, lacking initiatory or magical value.

The acts reported from the event are in no way representative of the left-hand path.  They are as pro-wrestling is to sport, the rituals are mere dramatic performance for the attendant media in this case.  The portrayal of events fails to represent the left-hand path as it is, rather it represents the left-hand path as the media and confused rebellious youth perceive it to be.  The Satanic Temple knows better than this and I am disappointed that the have perpetuated the media misconception.



This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits — ScienceDaily

An interesting report, linked below from

The scientific notion of a link between the brains pleasure/reward systems and religious experience draws parallels to the same activation of these systems through the experiences of addiction, love and orgasm.  The question must be then asked if this link is the root of the religious allegory of ‘love thyself’?  Is the path to deity through the orgiastic embrace of the Dionysian?  Perhaps we find clues in the mythological tales around the world, where creation occurs as a result of a deific masturbation.  Such would ultimately verify the validity of sexio-magical ritual in bringing forth the manifestation of ones desires or the formation of egregore like entities.

I smile with every step the empirical sciences take towards the recapitulation of the knowledge once known by our ancestors — that which lays hidden as fragments within the philosophies and myths of the world.

A side thought — if masturbation creates the same state as religious experience, then perhaps this explains the right-hand path instruction to abstain from procreation and masturbation as such would eliminate the medium of the religious structure to facillitate religiosity.


Source: This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits — ScienceDaily

Scientists confirm a structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars

Below is a link to an article on

Whilst the article is of interest on many levels, it is perhaps most amusingly a further scientific advance towards the empirical measurement of what was already subjectively known in antiquity- that ‘as above, so below’.

As Robert Anton Wilson suggested, what the thinker thinks – the prover proves.  Science is merely a few thousand years delayed in proving what was once thought…


Source: Scientists confirm a structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars

Sound Of The Day : Wardruna — Wyrd Words & Effigies

A good review and article from Wyrd Words & Effigies.  Wardruna are amazing and the new album has many dimensions on which it resonates with myself.  If you are unaware of Wardruna, then seek now.


The third Wardruna album Runaljod (Ragnarok) has come ashore, and is available for your listening pleasure now, both digitally and in physical format! I streamed the whole album on Spotify yesterday, and found myself on the verge of tears multiple times. Wardruna have played an incomparably valuable role in my musical evolution, and I’ve been […]

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